This "Breakup Doctor" Hit Rock Bottom, Now He Holds the Secret to Getting Over a Broken Heart

This "Breakup Doctor" Hit Rock Bottom, Now He Holds the Secret to Getting Over a Broken Heart

He's been through it all. Now his breakup is the best thing that ever happened to him.

By Marianne Garvey
Would You Spend a Night With Your Ex?

Eddie Corbano, a soft-spoken relationship coach has seen heartbreak of his own. Dumped out of the blue by someone he thought was his true love, he didn’t see how it would ever be possible to heal. Then he started studying breakups and exes and says he’s found the secret to getting over a broken heart.

“Healing a broken heart from a lost love seems to be the most challenging endeavor that anyone could imagine. A breakup usually starts with a period of paralyzing shock, turning into helplessness and deep grief,” Eddie tells Personal Space.

He says he boiled it down to two things: complete and unconditional self-love and finding a very personal purpose in life.

“Only if you love yourself completely and unconditionally, and this means to accept the way you are, with all your weaknesses and strengths, can you also love others. If not, everything you do is looking for approval from others. You will be looking for their light, instead of using yours,” he says.

Eddie says that it really comes down to reconnecting to yourself after a breakup.

“You need to find the hidden pinpoint that is holding you back,” he says, adding that when you are confronted with a breakup, there is the “shock phase, denial, anger, you try everything to get them back.”

“But later, when you put all this aside, and really take the time, you will find there is a certain pattern that you have lived through your whole life in love. People go from bad relationship to bad relationship over and over again with the same type of partner. It all comes down to one point of hidden pain that you carry on and completely defines your relationships.”

Eddie’s work is to help people uncover that and to avoid mistakes you’ve made with exes.

“People try to stay friends,” he says, “But you’ve got to have an emotional and physical distance or else they will sabotage your recovery.”

He’s lived through it himself, hitting “rock bottom so hard that I didn’t know what to do.”

But a new perspective came to light for him, and helping people became his life’s purpose.

“Your ex is not your world—you have your own purpose,” he says. “Once you see that you will approach relationships differently after that. You have to know who you are and what you are made of. You get to know yourself if you allow it.”

“All kinds of dark stuff comes to light…Then it’s decision time. You either deal with them or run away and mask the pain. Most people, they are afraid of looking into the deep abyss. Most people avoid going through the pain and they jump into the next relationship.

Part of my mission is to wake people up about breakups as an opportunity.

Eddie says that what you think of as the end of the world, can be the best thing that ever happened.

“You will learn to live without them and you can live without them and that will give you strength.”

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