This Bride Threw a Pop Up Wedding Because She Didn’t Want To Be Bothered

She didn't want to deal with costs or demanding family members. 

Planning a wedding is stressful. There’s the venue, the dress, and the guest list. Not to mention dueling family requests, annoying bridesmaids, and maybe a drunk uncle at the reception. Why deal with any of it?

That’s why Nikki Osei, 32, chose to leave the heavy lifting to PopBliss, a new company dedicated to delivering the surprise pop-up wedding of your dreams. She and her new husband, Sean Barrett, joined five other couples this past March to exchange vows in a simultaneous event.

“I went with a pop up wedding for no other reason than I didn't want to be bothered with the planning or ridiculous costs,” says the NY-based publicist. “PopBliss afforded me with a luxury wedding sans seating charts!”

Blending the concepts of a popup and group weddings, PopBliss offers couples a three-day ride of adventure and excitement with a bunch of strangers that end up becoming their best friends, according to Raquel Kristi, owner of R. Kristi Modern Hospitality, which created PopBliss. 

“Brides and grooms just want to be stress-free and have a lot of fun at their wedding, and be as excited at their wedding as their guests (are take out). It’s a great alternative,” she shares.

Nikki, who has been with her new husband since high school, says it wasn’t hard for her to give up control of every detail of her special day. “I was in the middle of NY Fashion Week and a huge client event. I was relieved to not have to worry about any wedding planning.”

While a traditional wedding can take years to execute, Nikki got engaged in December, chose to have her wedding in February and tied the knot the next month. And unlike a traditional wedding that often cost in the ten of thousands, pop up weddings run a couple just a few thousand dollars.

Nikki was privy to a few specifics of her wedding before it happened. “I knew what I was wearing (an Eve of Milady couture gown from Bridal Reflections), the host hotel which is where all couples and guests stayed, the day and time of the ceremony and wedding activities,” she says.

But she had to relinquish knowing where the wedding would take place, the food being served or what the venue would look like. “I was completely oblivious, and I didn't mind at all.” 

While Nikki’s experience was darn near perfect, one guest who attended the party confesses, “It was kind of hard watching all these other couples we didn’t know get married. We kind of wanted our bride to be the only beautiful woman of the hour.”

Sharing the spotlight didn’t bother Nikki at all. “Us brides got ready together, cried together and anticipated what the day would bring together,” she says. “I still chat and hang out with the other brides. I love that we're bonded for life.” 

This pop up bride has no regrets. “It was the most beautiful day of my life, and the coolest thing I've ever done. And I've done some cool s**t.”

The next PopBliss wedding is taking place in Las Vegas 2017.

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