Addicted to Coffee? This Caffeinated Bracelet Will Help You Get Your Daily Fix

Addicted to Coffee? This Caffeinated Bracelet Will Help You Get Your Daily Fix

Because who has time for a cup of coffee?

By Tamara Palmer

A Canadian company is betting that there are tons of people who need caffeine desperately enough to want to absorb it straight through their skin.

Toronto's Joule is creating what it's calling the Caffeine Bracelet, a sporty-looking accessory with a slot where you slide in a single-use transdermal patch—similar to nicotine patches but dosed with caffeine. Each patch slowly releases the equivalent amount of caffeine that you'd get from a single cup of coffee, but over the course of about four hours. Joule claims this method can reduce typical caffeine side effects like jitters and energy spikes.

There are only two days left to support Joule's Indiegogo campaign and put multiple colors of the caffeine bracelet into production. While experimenting with a time-release formula could be worthwhile for caffeine-sensitive types, it's a little bit worrying that one of the pictures in the campaign shows a woman wearing a bracelet while on the treadmill.

The company has already raised more than four times the goal of $15,000, but incentives to donate now include the chance to order bracelet kits for 20 percent off, starting at $29.

What's next: Energy-drink eyedrops?


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