This Jewelry Company Encourages Wearing Sex Toys In Public...And It's Actually Pretty Chic

This Jewelry Company Encourages Wearing Sex Toys In Public...And It's Actually Pretty Chic

No, really…collection pieces double as jewelry.


By Hilary Sheinbaum

Sex toys are no longer exclusively for bedroom use – they’re now fashion accessories, too.
Unbound’s goal is to empower women through sexual exploration, so they’ve developed statement accessories that are, um, really making a statement.

The sexual lifestyle company recently launched its "Unbound Collection," which offers a number of 24K gold plated pieces of daytime jewelry. The items start out as bangles, chokers and earrings, but convert into whips, handcuffs and more.

Ranging from $23 to $147, you can literally wear accessories from day-to-night-to the wee hours of the morning [wink].

The multi-function fashion was so intriguing, we had to chat up Polly Rodriguez, the CEO of Unbound, to iron out some kinks to our kinky questions.

Personal Space: How did the idea for Unbound come about? 

Polly Rodriguez: Each of the Unbound founders had a less-than-pleasant shopping experience when it came to buying their first vibrator. For me, it was going through cancer and subsequently menopause at age 21 in the Midwest. The only option available to me was a sleazy shop next to the highway. We all felt there should be an online destination where women could read interesting, relatable content and shop high quality products that were marketed in a fashion-forward way and guaranteed to be body safe. Unbound is that online destination for women.

PS: You just launched the Unbound collection. What does that entail?

PR: Launching the Unbound Collection entailed us spending weekends together dreaming up all the crazy possibilities for making sexual accessories fashion-forward. Why should a woman have to lug around handcuffs if she can wear them as chic bangle bracelets? We wanted each piece to stand on its own as an accessory but also transition seamlessly to be worn in the bedroom, which makes incorporating new elements into the bedroom feel easier. There are 29 pieces in total.

PS: What is the most under-cover, unassuming piece in the collection?

PR: I think the most unassuming piece is a tie between the Cleo Nipple Clamp Earrings and the Cleo Whip Choker. The earrings are beautiful on their own, but the studs can easily be removed and they double as nipple clamps. The feathers look gorgeous for either purpose. The Whip Choker is one of our most popular pieces, because it looks so chic as a gold-chained choker on its own but secretly transforms into a whip for light BDSM play.

PS: Why is the collection named after Amelia Earhart, Twiggy and Cleopatra?

PR: When I was going through cancer, my mother gave me a book about female trailblazers. I would pour over each woman’s story, studying her and relating to what it meant to overcome adversity. I think the third wave of feminism is beautiful because it's intersectional, and because we have the generation that came before us to look up to. These are three women who I admire and respect for their bravery, resilience and individuality. From an aesthetic perspective, each collection embodies the traits of the woman for whom it's named. The Amelia collection is industrial, strong, and raw with exposed elements. The Twiggy collection is playful, fun and vibrant. The Cleopatra collection is regal and sophisticated.

PS: Are more guys buying these items for their girlfriends? Or are more women for themselves?

PR: Predominantly women are buying them for themselves, which we love. There's a movement for women to claim ownership over their sexuality. Historically, women often sought permission from a boyfriend, husband or significant other. Today, women are emboldened to give themselves permission to be sexual -- which is at the core of why Unbound exists.

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