This Doctor Treats Your Breakup Like You've Been Through A Major Trauma

This Doctor Treats Your Breakup Like You've Been Through A Major Trauma

She's no ordinary self-help guru. 

By Marianne Garvey

Want to recover from a painful breakup? Shut down your social media accounts and get on this extreme program that treats broken hearts like a major trauma instead of a delicate little bird in need of healing.

North Carolina based marriage and family therapist, Dr. Carolina Castanos, just launched the first online counseling service focused on helping the recently broken hearted recover from their breakup—with 24/7 rehab and exercises to help you heal.

Dr. Castanos tells Personal Space she’s developed a scientific formula for breakup recovery that’s very similar to recovering from PTSD, post-traumatic stress-disorder, and says recovery is especially painful these days because of social media.

Her counseling service is no ordinary self-help babble—Dr. Castanos puts clients on a 14-week program which delves into your life back to childhood, helping you understand your own attachment theory, distraction methods, anxiety and depression and how to manage them, how you relate to others, memories, compassion, how you interpret the world, and what triggers you. Like we said, no ordinary self-help. Her idea is to change your love makeup so you are not the same person as when you started the program and therefore choose better people for you going forward. 

“The program designed for individuals struggling after the end of a relationship, or sometimes you are even in the relationship and your spouse or partner isn’t in it anymore…to have the one you love not love you back. The program is support and guidance as you go through a breakup,” she says. “Which is actually the best moment to heal because emotions are raw.”

The program has different components and exercises over the weeks, from videos which walk you through the healing process so you learn more about yourself, how you relate with others, and why you do certain things that may be harmful.

“You begin to change your patterns if you were stuck in yourself,” Dr. Castanos says. “They are based on neuroscience to understand how your brain works and are trauma treatment techniques, because a breakup is a loss.”

Instead of turning to friends and family who may be bad with advice, tired of hearing it, or judgmental, this program has 24/7access to a community of people who are going through similar emotions.

“You learn to regulate your emotions and you have access to it at anytime,” she says. “One of the things that happens when going through a loss is that we can have panic attacks, have intense depression and sadness and don’t know what to do.
We also need to learn to access our bodies, kind of like a guided meditation.”

Dr. Castanos says the program is aimed at breaking our negative cycles and can rewire our brains not to say or do things we may regret. Throughout the program, you get assessments that tell you how you are progressing. It’s pricey at $1,000 a pop for the program, but she guarantee you’ll be over that certain somebody in no time.

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