This Girl Thinks the Dating Pool In New York City Is the Worst - So She Filmed It

This Girl Thinks the Dating Pool In New York City Is the Worst - So She Filmed It

“It came to me in the wake of getting back into the dating scene,” she says. 

By Delaina Dixon

A new digital comedy series is exploring just how shallow the dating pool in New York City really is.

Pool, the web series – currently playing on Vimeo – focuses on three roommates, a girl and her two guy pals, trying to navigate hilarious and often humbling dating and mating rituals in an urban setting.

Created by actress Mary Ashley, the series started taking shape after her divorce. “It came to me in the wake of getting back into the dating scene,” she shares. “Talking to my girlfriends and hearing their experiences with all the different dating apps, I thought there’s a common theme here, that’s there’s just not enough people in this very large city we live in to date.”

Wanting to show how both genders handle the insanity of trying to find a mate, Mary brought on writing partner and fellow star Chris Russell for “the male perspective.” With this dynamic duo, there’s no holding back on how bad – or gross – these onscreen dates get. Think bodily functions out of control, pre-gaming dating hijacks and one gross turn-your-head moment with a bird.

“Oddly, that really did happen to me … I still gag when I see it, and I know it’s coming,” Mary declares. Other dating disasters in the eight-episode first season “all kind of deal with something my writing partner and I have personally, or know someone intimately, has experienced.”

That includes a strange dating tale between three of her friends.

Mary was discussing different dating apps with her girlfriends when “we got into this discussion and through the details, they realized that each had been with the same guy.” One girl ended the date in a public setting and was sexually menaced via text the next few days. The next had gone home with the guy, only to discover his disgusting apartment. The last was describing a guy she planned to date, and wasn’t sure if she should commit or not. “She showed his picture, and they both said ‘that’s the guy we’re talking about – don’t go out with him!’”

Pool already has plans for a season two. “We’ll hit up some more serious topics that are very relevant to dating world,” Mary says – the first of which plays out in upcoming episode 7. “One of the lead characters has personal issues that he has to unveil to his partner,” she teases.

Mary also reveals that we’ll see characters recur on Pool, including one overly zealous personal trainer, convincingly played by model/actor Remington Jay. “He definitely embodied that role and nailed it,” Mary says.

While the dating scene may be infinitesimal in New York City, Mary has figured out how to beat it at its own game. “I found myself in a relationship through this whole process,” she exclaims.

She’s now dating the series other leading man Brandon Hughes.

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