This Insider Hack for Saving Money on Airfare Could Not Be Easier (And it Really Works)

This Insider Hack for Saving Money on Airfare Could Not Be Easier (And it Really Works)

Bonus points for feeling like a super smartie.

By Alesandra Dubin

Today we bring you a genius hack for saving money on airfare that is at once easy, effective — and will make you feel like you've outsmarted the system. Win-win-win!

The simple idea is to let foreign currency conversion rates work in your favor — by acting as if you are purchasing your ticket from a location abroad versus here in the U.S. It's not shady — work with us here.

Let's say you're traveling to another country. Your ticket is likely to be pricier if you book it from the United States, so all you have to do is trick the Internet into thinking you are booking your flight from within your destination. Your best bet is to use a travel search engine to find the best available price for the flight you're looking for. Then, make your way over to your chosen airline's own website.

From there, locate the box that allows you to select your purchasing country of origin. Instead of the U.S., pick your destination country. That method lets you complete your purchase in the local currency, which typically saves you cash. The method really couldn't be easier, often works brilliantly, requires almost no extra effort — and if it works? It's guaranteed to make you feel like the coolest travel-savvy know-it-all around.

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