This Is the Single Most Hated Person on an Airplane (Could It Be You?!)

This Is the Single Most Hated Person on an Airplane (Could It Be You?!)

Hint: It's neither the drunk, nor the loud talker.

By Alesandra Dubin
Things You Never Knew About Flying Commercial

Around here, we’ve talked a lot about airplane etiquette — what to do about a crying baby, and what not to eat in those oh-so-close quarters. Thanks to a new study, we now know which airplane behaviors flyers actually loathe the most. (Science!)

Expedia has released the results of its Airplane Etiquette Study, what it calls “an examination of American conduct in mid-air.” The study, conducted among 1,005 Americans 18 and up, aimed to look at the behaviors that enraged fellow passengers the most.

Out of all of the potentially maddening behaviors, here’s the single one that made people the most infuriated of all: rear-seat kicking.

Indeed, a full 64 percent of survey respondents called the seat kicker the most problematic passenger of all, edging out parents who appear to have no control of their unruly children. (And you might say those two categories are related, though such a highly controversial topic is very much a matter of perspective.)

Bad-smelling passengers — and that includes both people with body odors as well as people wearing too much perfume or cologne — were the third most hated group, with 55 percent implicating them.

Next came people who aren’t aware of the noise they’re creating, such as talking too loudly or listening to music, with nearly half of respondents naming this category as the worst. Drunk and chatty people rounded out the list's top six.

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