This Knife Sharpener Is a Complete Game Changer for Holiday Cooking

This Knife Sharpener Is a Complete Game Changer for Holiday Cooking

Because dull knife = dull life. 

By Mitra Sorrells

Good quality knives are essential tools for home cooking. Whether it’s a paring knife to cut apples for a pie or a chef’s knife to chop vegetables for a stir-fry, my knives are something I use daily. Good knives can be pricey, but with proper care they can last forever. I think some of mine have been in my knife block for more than 15 years. But one thing I haven’t been diligent about is sharpening them. I do have one of those long steel rods but I rarely use it and — as a professional chef friend recently informed me — honing steels don’t actually sharpen knives.

So as I prepare to host a large group for Thanksgiving dinner, and an even larger group at Christmas, I decided it was time to find a way to restore my knives to their super sharp selves. Enter the Chef’s Choice 315 XV. This is an electric sharpener from the company that has been known for its sharpeners since the first one debuted in 1985. That chef friend of mine uses one of their commercial models in her restaurant. Since I, of course, don’t need something that powerful, this two-stage model that costs less than $100 is perfect. It uses diamond abrasives for sharpening and honing, and it works on both straight and serrated edges. In a matter of minutes I sharpened all of my kitchen knives. I even sharpened a pair of scissors. The unit is not too big, so it’s easy to store in a cabinet when you’re not using it. It’s amazing how much more enjoyable — not to mention faster — it is to prep food with a sharp knife. Now about your runny gravy… can’t help you there. 


Chef's Choice 315XV


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