This Mother and Son Are Becoming Father And Daughter, Both Will Transition

This Mother and Son Are Becoming Father And Daughter, Both Will Transition

"We are both so blessed to have each other to lean on for support,โ€ the dad tellsย Personal Space.

By Delaina Dixon

The family that transgenders together stays together.

So is the case for Corey and Eric Maison, a transgender dad and daughter from Detroit, MI., who are making their transition from mom of five and son together.

On her Instagram account, Corey, 15, reveals she realized she was transgender after watching a TV show on the subject four years ago. She then told her parents she identified as a girl.

โ€œI wanted to make my parents proud of who I am, but I thought that they would not like me,โ€ Corey shared on 60 Minutes Australia.

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Only last year did she learn that her mom - formerly known as Erica โ€“ was also struggling with identity issues. Transitioning now with her transgendered dad is making the process a lot easier.

Dad Eric (formerly Erica), reveals that his first emotion on making his own transition was relief but the second was terror. It was โ€œfear for what my future would hold, fear for how my family and children would, fear for what the rest of my life was going to look like.โ€

"Sometimes our children lead the way. Corey, 14, socially transitioned from boy to girl in the past few years. She gave her Mom, Eric(a) the courage to begin her own transition from female to male. They are moving in opposite directions but toward their true selves," says an Instagram post about the family.

Seeing his transgender daughter take this brave step helped him decide to finally make the change, which includes a double mastectomy. And after the first shot of testosterone, Eric says he finally felt โ€œcomplete.โ€

And yes, Eric is staying with his husband Les, who has fully supported the transition. โ€œI fell in love with the person,โ€ Les said. As long as Eric is happy with the appearance, Eric will be happy with whatโ€™s in her brain โ€“ or his brain.โ€

Eric is happy with his decision and only regrets he did not find out about transgenderism sooner so he could fully embrace being his authentic self. And heโ€™s pleased he can be there to support Corey.

"We are both so blessed to have each other to lean on for support during our transitions,โ€ he tells Personal Space. โ€œWe truly understand what the other is going through on a deeper level because we are both transgender."

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