This Woman Gets Hired To Transform Your Entire Life After Divorce

This Woman Gets Hired To Transform Your Entire Life After Divorce

She’ll change your wardrobe…and your life. 



By Delaina Dixon
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Navigating a divorce can be tough. There are so many things to shed from your previous life – and that includes your wardrobe. That’s where Amanda Sanders comes in. The celebrity image consultant provides services for those that declutter their closets - and their attitudes.

Amanda, who has dressed celebrities like Chris Rock, tells Personal Space that her decision to help make over divorced women and men was inspired by Bravo's Girlfriend’s Guide To Divorce. “I loved the way it showed how you can be empowered after this life-changing process,” she shares.

The transformation begins with a questionnaire “that I think is thought-provoking – it asks what are you happy about and what you’re not – it’s not only always just about dating again. It’s a much bigger lifestyle change,” Amanda says. “People are living longer and having this second life after divorce.”

Purging comes next. “Closet space is real estate, especially in Manhattan,” Amanda says. “I go to your closet and get rid of your old high school jeans and old wedding dress and put together what a dating wardrobe should look like.” Amanda says that making over her female clients tends to be more glamorous, while the men “sometimes don’t even know their shoe size when they get divorced. Their wives had been keeping them clothed.”

Amanda stresses that the end goal of a style reinvention isn’t just to find love and live happily ever after. “The biggest thing after divorce is that you are going to be putting yourself out there. You need to be able to just enter a room looking good and feeling confident. I want my makeover client, whether it’s a man or woman, to feel great about themselves, whether they find the next love or not.”

Divorced for six years herself, Amanda feels a kinship with her clients. “The makeover is the easiest part of this. It’s the next step – do you have a therapist, do you have a home, if you have kids, are the kids comfortable? It takes a good two years for the dust to settle.”

Which is why Amanda has started another service. “I’ve got real estate license. Once I helped so many clients change the way they thought about themselves, the next step is they need someplace to live.”

It's all about putting your life back on track, Amanda says. “You’re successful after divorce when you’re comfortable again in your own skin.”

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