Dog Dad (With 4 Pit Bulls!) Puts Paris Hilton’s Dog Mansion to Shame

Dog Dad (With 4 Pit Bulls!) Puts Paris Hilton’s Dog Mansion to Shame

Now this is a legit puppy palace!

By Kristyn Pomranz

You may recall the time that Paris Hilton shared photos of her dogs’ two-story mansion and it exploded into a political debate. People were railing on Paris for spending thousands to give her dogs a totally separate house with designer furniture and a chandelier. (And for still using her played-out catchphrase “Loves it,” but that’s a different story.)

Well, a DIY enthusiast named Aaron Franks has taken a page from Paris’ book but improved upon it about 1000%. Instead of Swarovski chandeliers or expensive sofas that his four pit bulls couldn’t care less about, he installed his dogs’ palace with a swimming pool, rope swings, water dispensers, tunnels, a fire hydrant and more.

And the best part? Unlike Paris’ mansion—which keeps her dogs in separate quarters—the whole thing attaches directly do his own house, so his Pibbles can enjoy their spoils while still being able to come and go and spend time with their dad as they please.  

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