Charity is Weird Now: Strippers Take It All Off to Help Houston Hurricane Puppers

Charity is Weird Now: Strippers Take It All Off to Help Houston Hurricane Puppers

--> this way to pecs and pups!

By Kristyn Pomranz

You may be familiar with the Australian stripper troupe “Thunder from Down Under” (we know our friend Nicole sure is!)—it’s an all-male revue that features ripped dudes taking off all their clothing to titillate ladies worldwide. (The show currently runs on five continents and has a residency in Las Vegas.)

But now it seems like the talented Aussies have taken a cue from Joanna Krupa, because they’re now using their nudity for a good cause: raising money for the Houston Humane Society.

The boys not only performed a special benefit show at Houston’s House of Blues, but they also put their boots on the ground at the Humane Society. The dancers dedicated one-on-one time to Houston’s homeless cats and dogs—bathing them, walking them, playing with them, and preparing some for their relocation to Dallas.

“It’s getting a little emotional at the time when you see what these poor animals have gone through,” said Beau, one of the dancers.

Resident sexy dude Nathan Claridge shared a touching photo on his Instagram. “The fellas and I had the chance to volunteer at the Houston humane society and help out ..... play with the dogs and cats. With the recent hurricanes in Houston a lot of pets have been left with out homes and the shelter was needed to home all the near by shelters also ... so some of the volunteers have been working relentlessly around the clock to find homes and care for all the animals.”

A huge thank you to these sculpted fellas for taking time out of their thunderous dancing schedule to support the sweet dogs and cats in need!

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