A Woman’s Tinder Date STOLE Her DOG

A Woman’s Tinder Date STOLE Her DOG

As if online dating weren’t bad enough.

By Kristyn Pomranz

Back when we were single, we did a lot of online dating. One time, we thought we had met our soulmate, but then we went over to his house and discovered he only had three possessions: tons of weed, lots of cash in Ziplock bags, and old Yankee Candle jars that he used as drinking glasses.

It wasn’t great. But it wasn’t nearly as bad as this.

An 18-year-old in Leonia, New Jersey was dog- and house-sitting for a friend when she decided to make the dicey move of inviting a Tinder match over. The man (whom she had never met, obvs) showed up with a buddy. Then—according to NJ.com—the date “distracted” the woman while his friend robbed the joint.

After the men left, the woman realized what had happened: They had stolen a laptop, an unopened Amazon package, and—worst of all—the very 2-year-old Maltese named Maggie that she was charged with watching.

The rest of the case's details remain murky, but there is some good news: The family told NBC4 that they have since found the dog. (No such luck for the other thieved items.) But please let this serve as a friendly PSA to not invite a first date over to your house—or worse, your out-of-town friend's house.

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