"Take Down" These "Savage" Travel Photos From Your Profile, Dating App Says

"Take Down" These "Savage" Travel Photos From Your Profile, Dating App Says

"The most selfish selfie of them all" is a now a no-no.

Travel photos are well known to get attention on dating sites — consider that posting a photo from this gorgeous destination can boost your likes by 93 percent.

But not all types of travel photos have that kind of universal appeal. And now, don't even try to post a selfie with a tiger — because Tinder just effectively banned that practice. 

That happens as the truth about these animals comes more and more into the light of public consciousness — and it turns out that what tigers go through to accompany you in your heroic-looking selfie is actually gruesome. Think: abuse, drugs, separation from their mothers, and sale into the black market.

Still, some people consider a snap with a drugged-out tiger to be a source of bragging rights, and an enticement to potential dates. So Tinder made the move to take a stand, requesting the photos' removal.

The exploitative nature of tiger selfies has been a topic of conversation for a few years — so why the move now? Well, PETA, of course.

People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals wrote an open letter to Tinder — in honor of International Tiger Day — reminding the Tinder team of the abuses the animals suffer, and asking the platform to "take the tiger stripes out of swipes." They said now is the time to, "protect the pussies by banning the most selfish selfie of them all." 

Tinder penned its own reply in a blog post titled "Take Down the Tiger Selfies" and told users: "Posing next to the king of the jungle doesn't make you one... We take pride in our awesome community of users, who are known for crafting the funniest, most entertaining profiles out there. However, we’ve noticed that sometimes people create profiles that are a bit too…savage. It’s time for the tiger selfies to go."

The post asked users to take down any such images, and announced plans to donate $10,000 to tiger-protection group Project Cat. As well, the post encouraged users to consider earth-friendlier lifestyle alternatives like planting a tree, volunteering at an animal shelter... or conserving water by drinking rosé.

And Tinder birthed the hashtag #NoTigerSelfies to encourage people to at least join the conversation around the topic. Sadly, the hashtag has scant posts so far — and one is an elephant selfie that misses the point entirely. 

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