People Are Going Crazy Over the World's Tiniest Mac and Cheese

People Are Going Crazy Over the World's Tiniest Mac and Cheese

Small is the new big.

By Lindsay Tigar

The latest extreme-cuisine craze? Tiny pasta. As in, lasagna or mac and cheese so small, you can balance it on the tip of your finger. While we can’t understand how anyone could handle eating such a miniscule portion of these crazy-addictive comfort foods, tiny-food videos are the hottest thing in food porn since the viral hot-sauce challenges. 

YouTube star Jay Baron made a teeny pan of lasagna and got upwards of seven million Facebook views. The recent mac and cheese video for his Walking With Giants series on YouTube has gotten nearly 200,000 views on Facebook, and thousands more on YouTube. Huh? But we've got to admit, the videos are impressive. Baron meticulously goes through all the steps involved in making a normal-sized mac and cheese: from boiling water to grating and melting cheese to making the buttery, creamy sauce. He even spills pasta along the way and cleans it up with a miniature broom.

And no, this isn't make-believe, says Baron: "The food is 100 percent real!" Baron told The Feast. Does he eat it? "Yes, I do."

Baron's finished mac and cheese is pretty darn cute, even if it looks desperately unsatisfying.

Still hungry? Not to worry, there's plenty more. Check out this other tiny-mac-and-cheese video:

And this one:

And then there's that infamous Cutthroat Kitchen challenge where seasoned culinary masters are forced to cook one of their rounds on a teeny-tiny oven with super-small knives and utensils.

Small, apparently, is the new big. Where will it all end? Stay tuned.

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