Tom Brady's New Cookbook Is Really Expensive, and Really Weird

Tom Brady's New Cookbook Is Really Expensive, and Really Weird

The quarterback's food manifesto is currently playing hard-to-get.

By Tamara Palmer

The most buzzed-about cookbook of the season isn't penned by a celebrity chef, restaurant magnate or Hollywood actress. It's written by Tom Brady, star quarterback of the New England Patriots.

Described as a "living document" that will be updated with new recipes from time to time, the TB12™ Nutrition Manual comes with 89 recipes and a cover made out of natural wood. It also has a screw-post binding that allows you to take the book apart and add more pages. The price? $200.

Considering Tom's notoriously restrictive diet, critics speculate that the cookbook can only be punishingly dull; according to New York Magazine, Tom and supermodel wife Gisele Bündchen only eat fresh veggies (with the exception of nightshade vegetables), lean meat and whole grains. However, Tom has teased that the cookbook includes recipes for carrot cake and avocado ice cream, so perhaps it won't be 100% pleasure-free.

In the absence of any specific recipe info about the Manual, Rolling Stone invented a few fictional possibilities, including a soufflé shaped like a football or a "cleft-chin casserole" with "handsome sauce."

Ready to take a chance on the cookbook? There's good news and bad news: You'll most likely be able to order it, but not until June since the company has sold out on pre-orders.

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