IMPT Q: Do You Live in One of the Top 10 States with the Fattest Dogs and Cats?

IMPT Q: Do You Live in One of the Top 10 States with the Fattest Dogs and Cats?

We can tell you, because surveys exist for that, apparently.

By Kristyn Pomranz

When people have portly pets, it’s not necessarily seen as a bad thing. Just like with babies, when pets have a little extra pooch, it’s kinda adorable and elicits extra cooing and squees.

But in reality, we all know that added weight on our four-legged friends can be dangerous. It causes all of the same problems that it does in humans: diabetes, joint problems, breathing and heart troubles. But with pets, it can be even more dangerous because many of these symptoms are harder to identify until it’s too late.

This is not meant to be a lecture, but a reminder: Make sure that your pet is able to walk, jump, and play comfortably, and look to make sure he has a defined “waist” at the bottom of his torso. (Hint: If your pet looks like a basketball, he’s probably carrying too many pounds.)

You also might want to check out what state you live in. A recent study from Banfield Pet Hospital rounded up the states with the highest propensity for overweight pets. Although this is obviously an example of correlation and not causation, there are certain environmental elements that can contribute to weight gain: Lack of access to backyards, lack of time spent outside, the types of table scraps they’re being fed.

Or, you could look at it another way: People in these states just love their pets so much, they can’t stop spoiling them with rotisserie chickens. (We’re looking at you, Minnesota and Nebraska!)

States with highest percentage of overweight dogs:

  1. Minnesota
  2. Nebraska
  3. Michigan
  4. Idaho
  5. Nevada
  6. New Mexico
  7. Washington
  8. Utah
  9. Indiana
  10. Oregon

States with highest percentage of overweight cats:

  1. Minnesota
  2. Nebraska
  3. Iowa
  4. Idaho
  5. Delaware
  6. Michigan
  7. Nevada
  8. Kansas
  9. Utah
  10. New Mexico
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