Corgi Signs Up for Tinder, Instantly Regrets It

Corgi Signs Up for Tinder, Instantly Regrets It

Just like the rest of us!

By Kristyn Pomranz

So online dating is pretty rad, right? You get to condense your entire personality into about 150 words and then take 85 selfies until you get one where you look like a Kardashian, then vet a bunch of thirsty dudes until you choose one who invites you to a douchey restaurant with giant booths, and then he winds up being a sociopath anyway.

Why wouldn’t dogs want to get in on that kind of fun?

Topi the Corgi—a self-described actor/comedian—is a three-year-old doggo from Finland with a healthy Instagram following. Apparently, he finally decided to join Tinder, and the results were…well, pretty much exactly what you’d expect from literally anyone who joins Tinder. Except, y’know, it’s a skillion times less creepy because it happens to a cute Corgi.

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