Tourists in Thailand Are Going Nuts Over This Sweet Baby Elephant Who Acts Like a Puppy

Tourists in Thailand Are Going Nuts Over This Sweet Baby Elephant Who Acts Like a Puppy

This 200-pound baby is melting hearts and breaking the Internet.

By Jet Set Staff

That’s it. We’re booking a flight to Thailand to see the world’s cutest baby elephant — stat.

Yes, there is a klutzy, sweet, adorable little guy at the Patara Elephant Farm, who is capturing attention and affection of tourists from all over the world. He's about five months old, and 200 pounds. And we need to go to Chiang Mai and see this squee-worthy little buddy for ourselves.
Behold some Instagram snaps and videos from the location and let your heart melt as the baby elephant showers tourists with love and youthful exhuberance:

Snuggling with my buddy #pataraelephantfarm

A photo posted by Peter Duker (@peterduker) on

Wrestling with a 3-month-old and losing #pataraelephantfarm #chiangmai

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The Patara Elephant Farm facility offers an "Elephant Owner for a Day" program developed for visitors to learn and interact with elephants. The package is meant to help you get to know the animal’s temperament, feed it, check its health, bathe it in the river — and even go for rides through forests, waterfalls, and temples. The program is a "specialized and meaningful activity to create trust and relationship between you and your elephant,” according to the farm’s website.

Now who’s ready for a trip to Thailand?

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