Travel Fail! Teen Backpacker Misses One Detail, Lands 10,000 Miles From Target Destination

Travel Fail! Teen Backpacker Misses One Detail, Lands 10,000 Miles From Target Destination


An 18-year-old kid ready for the adventure of a lifetime got a harsh dose of reality when a little miscalculation resulted in a serious travel fail.

Determined to head to Australia, Dutch backpacker Milan Schipper boarded a flight for Sydney. But part way through the journey, he realized something wasn't quite right. Turns out not all Sydneys are created equal: He was heading for Sydney, Nova Scotia in Canada instead of the one in the land down under.

He told CBC Radio that he found this ticket for $300 less than the others that popped up in his search. (If it seems to good to be true...) He landed for a layover in Toronto, and he noticed his Air Canada plane bound for Sydney looked too small to make it to Australia. (Womp womp.)

Upon takeoff, he realized the plane was going in the wrong direction and it clicked. He was en route to a place (wait for it) about 10,000 miles away from his intended destination.

He told the radio station he felt "terrible," explaining, "I think I [swore] in my head for like 10 minutes. But there was nothing I could do about it because I was already up in the air."

He landed just before a big blizzard was about to hit and stayed just five hours before catching a flight back home where his dad picked him up.

In an effort to recoup some of his travel losses, he started a Gofundme account. And it's not going over so well, with some donating nasty comments instead of money. According to, it's all good now though... because an airline has offered him a free flight to his preferred Sydney.

This poor dude is far from the only one capable of making such a mistake. In fact, news coverage includes details of at least four more instances of flights booked to the wrong Sydney alone.

Another source of confusion that frequently lands people on the wrong plane is Birmingham — a city with locations in both Alabama and England.

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