Travel Inspo From Lady Gaga and Taylor Swift: 4 Ways to Travel Like a Rockstar

Travel Inspo From Lady Gaga and Taylor Swift: 4 Ways to Travel Like a Rockstar

Touring musicians are travel pros — and they know from vacay.

When it comes to travel, rockstars are literal pros at the game. Touring musicians' actual job is to wing around the world in high style — so you know their vacations can be nothing less than the best. From the hotels where they crash to the beaches they discover, let these musicians' over-the-top trips inspire your wanderlust.

1. Lady Gaga in the Bahamas


Lady Gaga’s 2015 trip to the Bahamas seemed to be all about the reinvention of her already sexy self. Her hair was newly platinum blonde and she spent her days chilling out in her bikini on the beach and sipping cold drinks — as one rightfully should when on a Caribbean island.

If you get to the Bahamas, also be sure to spend some time at Gold Rock Beach and Stocking Island from some perfect swimsuit photo ops.

2. Bono in St. Tropez

Bono has been known to spend vacation time in the South of France’s St. Tropez. Relaxing on the Mediterranean appears to be his style, and why not? Those perfect waves and the laid-back atmosphere make it a great place to unwind. It doesn’t hurt, of course, that Bono has a giant yacht stationed there, waiting for his arrival.

3. Sting in Tuscany

Sting and Trudie Styler’s still-going love is a topic that’s been widely acknowledged and part of what’s kept the pair together for more than 30 years is that, according to them, they still like each other (is that all it takes?!). As a part of their togetherness approach, they own their own range of wines out of Tuscan vineyards, so Tuscany is a natural destination for the two. Though it’s always partly for work, you can expect to see this couple sipping wine in this place famous for it, with their arms around each other.

For a romantic and wine-filled trip to Tuscany, be sure to sign you and your partner up for some of the best-rated wine tours in the area. But be careful not to overbook yourself, especially if you’re trying to get some down time.

4. Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris

This musical power couple recently took a beach vacation that was the best thing to happen on Instagram in a while. While they haven’t disclosed the location of their paradise, the trip appeared to feature water-splashing, beach-hanging, and golden-hour photo ops.

For a similar trip to a similar place, book your tickets to a tropical island — perhaps one in the Caribbean, Micronesia, Hawaii, or even Seychelles — and stay at a resort where you can ensure the beach is for guests only. Take advantage of all of the floaty devices available at the resort and have some actual childlike fun. When that golden-hour sunshine glows, reach out to someone (or your tripod) for some unforgettably epic photos from your trip. 

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