Travelers' Biggest Pet Peeve of 2017 Is...

Travelers' Biggest Pet Peeve of 2017 Is...

Does it surprise you?

By Bryce Gruber

You'll never guess what people are calling their biggest travel-related pet peeve of 2017 — or maybe you will, given this strange political climate. According to a survey of more than 2,000 travel enthusiasts conducted by, xenophobia — or a fiery and irrational fear of people from other countries — is the top travel pet peeve of the year. Nearly a quarter of all respondents (24 percent) said they were irked by it. To clarify, they are bothered by the fear — not by the people from other places.

Are you surprised that xenophobia is that big of a deal? Consider the fact that this annoyance ranked higher on the pet peeves list than delayed flights, overcrowded destinations, and even loud children.



That's right: People would rather listen to a crying baby on a delayed flight than the sound of a close-minded adult.


It's not just an annoyance though, because xenophobic behaviors are sending ripples through the American economy, with a 17 percent decrease in online searches for flights to the U.S.A. immediately following President Trump's first ban on travel from Muslim-majority nations. Widespread reports of police brutality and anti-LGBT sentiments in America have also affected the decisions of travelers from around the world.

According to the Global Business Travel Association, the dropoff in tourism could result in about 4.3 million fewer America-bound visitors this year, which would cost our economy $7.4 billion in lost revenue. Even top American tourism destinations with historically liberal outlooks like New York City are posting their first tourism drops since 2008.

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