Trolling Trump: The Whole World Is Officially in on the Parody Travel Video Trend

Trolling Trump: The Whole World Is Officially in on the Parody Travel Video Trend

The race for second is on.

By Alesandra Dubin

If you've noticed your social media feeds clogged with spoof travel videos meant to troll Donald Trump's administration, there's a very good reason for that: Countries around the world have now jumped on the trend, which started in Europe.

To recap, the Netherlands started what has now become a global meme by creating a viral video meant to parody the notion of "America first," which the incoming president espoused in his inauguration speech. The video's premise? OK, America can be first — but we want to be second. The video now has (wait for it) nearly 24 million views on YouTube.

Germany was among the countries to follow suit in the quest for second, boasting — in crass terms — about the quality of its beer.

Denmark took a jab at the president's environmental policies, noting that the country has “modern super-mills that produce nice, clean, renewable energy," but assuring the president that it could "turn them into oil mills if you want, OK? No problem. Oil to make us, and you guys, great again, OK?"

Naturally, Belgium had to take a swing — given that one time last year that Trump called its capital of Brussels “a hellhole.”

With Europe pretty well covered, the trend proliferated: Morocco got in on the action, vying for that coveted global position of No. 2.

So did Australia:

Namibia, for its part, will not settle for second place. Its video lays claim to the top spot, with the voiceover imitating Trump's recognizable voice and intonation: "We have so many tribes and we mix them all to have the best flavor."

Who will be next?

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