11 Times the TSA's Ridiculously Campy Instagram Feed Made Us LOL

11 Times the TSA's Ridiculously Campy Instagram Feed Made Us LOL

There's humor where you least expect it.

By Alesandra Dubin

We've said it here before: The TSA has an Instagram feed that you need to be following, because it is both fascinating... and also funny as heck. First of all, it's a treasure trove of truly bats*** things people have tried to take through airport security. But the captions also feature a wry sense of humor that makes us actually feel like the TSA — which can be such an airport nuisance — is also our jolly friend whose dad-style and occasionally uber-subtle humor amuses us for days. Let's examine a few examples from just recent weeks alone...

1. All knives, including dragon clad trench knives adorned with balls of flame and super dark gothic crosses, are prohibited.

2. A box of festively wrapped heroin was discovered in a checked bag at LAX.

3. Have you ever debated about whether or not you can pack your tweezers? How would you tame that unibrow without them?

4. The eagle perched upon the handle of this knuckleduster knows it should have been packed in a checked bag.

5. Billy the Kid would know better than to bring a knife to a gunfight.

6. Holy purple projectiles, Batman!

7. Just another case of somebody bringing an old flame along for the trip…

8. Seattle’s explosives detection canine hopes that your holiday celebrations are off the leash!

9. If you plan on gifting a grenade this holiday season...

10. When in Rome, do as the Romans do, unless they’re packing their sword in their carry-on bags.

11. Flying fish are found in the ocean, not on commercial aircraft. We hate to be a wet blanket...

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