Turmeric Lattes Are the Hottest and Coolest New Way to Start Your Day

Turmeric Lattes Are the Hottest and Coolest New Way to Start Your Day

They're mellower, and yellower.

By Tamara Palmer

What if you could swap your morning caffeine for something that would jump-start your day, but in a less jumpy way? Enter the turmeric latte, a milk steamer made not with coffee but with the ancient antioxidant and anti-inflammatory superfood root that's lately been taking the world by storm. The ingredient has risen in Google searches by a whopping 300% over the past five years.

A huge hit on the Australian coastline, where smiley faced varieties are constantly popping up on Instagram, the turmeric latte is turning up stateside at places like Seattle's La Marzocco lab and showroom, vegan eatery Cafe Gratitude in Los Angeles and organic cafe As Quoted in San Francisco, the city that has also birthed a full indie line of cold turmeric beverages, Sajen's Jamu.

G&B "tumi" (almond and macadamia milk with turmeric and ginger) 💓 this place

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Mashable reports that the "newfound hip image of turmeric latte has left many South Asians amused," because it's based on haldi-doodh, a classic Indian home remedy of turmeric, warm milk and spices.

Need a recipe to make it yourself? Gwyneth Paltrow's GOOP has an easy one that calls for fresh turmeric, almond milk and a few other simple ingredients. Fresh turmeric root can be hard to find, though, but a new powder from Gaia Herbs called Golden Milk that's a blend of turmeric and herbs mixed with dates for a subtle sweetness can be an easy swap.

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