Turns Out Kids Actually Have Good Travel Taste, Want Vacations That Don't Suck

Turns Out Kids Actually Have Good Travel Taste, Want Vacations That Don't Suck

Who knew?

By Alesandra Dubin

For some people — both with and without kids — a vacation where minors are present sounds like a complete drag. Think: some kind of overcrowded theme park, chintzy theme cruise, booze-free snoozer, or other miscellaneous germ-teeming environment that no self-respecting adult sophisticate would choose on his own volition.

First of all, let's just say adults — even those traveling with kids — are the ones with the control to book the trip, and it doesn't have to be that way, even if it's plenty kid friendly.

But beyond that, kids may know a lot more about what makes a vacation cool — and fun — than (grown) people give them credit for. 

Consider this: A new survey by HomeAway and FamilyFun magazine found that for kids — like their millennial parents — experiences matter more than things; 43 percent of kid respondents said they would prefer to go on vacation rather than receive a physical gift for their next birthday (38 percent). And 46 percent of kids said seeing a new place or trying new things is their favorite part of vacationing. Those smartie pants!

As well, both parents and kids ranked a private island, castle, and treehouse as their top three choices among unique places to stay. Yes, kids want private islands too (because they know what's up, apparently).

A pool was kids highest-ranking vacation amenity (36 percent) — no arguments from us grown folks on that point either (77 percent of parents said a pool is important to them).

As for accommodations, given the choice, 36 percent of parents and about the same percentage of kids (38 percent) would choose to stay at a vacation rental over any other type of accommodation. Pretty logical for a family trip.

Beyond that, kids said their friends (37 percent) were the No. 1 influence on their vacation ideas — an even bigger influence than celebs... or Instagram.

In fact, maybe adults should take a page from the kids' book, given Instagram's intense effects on travel are sometimes — though far from always — positive.

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