Cover Your Cat’s Bum with an Ugly Rhinestone Called “Twinkle Tush”?!

Cover Your Cat’s Bum with an Ugly Rhinestone Called “Twinkle Tush”?!

#Freethebutthole campaign starting now.

By Kristyn Pomranz

A few years ago, there began a campaign called Free the Nipple. The movement argued that women should be legally allowed to bare their nipples in public, effectively liberating their breasts from the societal confines of “lewdness” or “pornography.” It is a worthy cause: The body should not be shamed, particularly a part that provides a vital function.

But now it appears we’re going backwards — at least in the cat world. Just in time for the holidays, meet “Twinkle Tush,” a “glitzy booty cover for your feline friends.” Essentially, it’s a ring that wraps around the base of your cat’s tail and features a gauche rhinestone pendant that hangs in from your cat’s butthole, effectively hiding it from sight. The product claims that you can “say goodbye to horrible eyesores” thanks to this “fabulous heinie jem.”

Ignore the horrific spelling errors and all you’ve got left is a bush-league Swarovski crystal meant to mollify weirdos who stare at a cat’s nether regions. Heads up, people: Your cat needs that butthole to poop, and your cat needs to poop to maintain a healthy digestive track, and your cat needs a healthy digestive track literally to live. So quit shaming your cats for their God-given poopers and instead, just don’t be a cat-butt creep! #freethebutthole

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