This is What a $2 Million Dinner Looks Like, and Guess What You Get at the End

This is What a $2 Million Dinner Looks Like, and Guess What You Get at the End

The surprise at the end? No, it's not what you're thinking....

By Drew DiSabatino

There’s nothing worse than having an extra $2 million lying around that you don’t know how to spend. Sure you could buy more exotic animals to stroll the grounds of your manor, or you could put a dozen kids through college, but where’s the excitement there? You’re a person who prefers “exclusivity” and “insanity” when you go shopping. Fortunately, a restaurant in Singapore has a proposition for you.

Meet Cé La Vie, a restaurant that by its own admission “lives to create unique experiences that stimulate the senses, elevate the spirit, amplify passion and fuel the Pursuit of Pleasure.” Meaningless buzzwords and unnecessary capitalization aside, this Singaporean eatery is now offering a once-in-a-lifetime dining opportunity in the form of a luxury dinner for two lucky individuals, at a price of $2 million.

The meal begins, as all true dining experiences must, with a 45-minute sightseeing helicopter tour of Singapore.

Supertree Grove at Gardens By The Bay, Singapore

After the tour you and your date will trade your helicopter for a Rolls Royce, which escorts you to the restaurant where 10,000 roses and an epic 18-course meal await you.

Now obviously you’re not the type of schlep to throw down $2 million without knowing what’s on the menu, so you’ll be pleased to learn that your meal includes delicacies like Almas Caviar (supposedly the most expensive in the world), Lamb Sweetbreads, Slow-Cooked Pigeon, Fresh Belon Oyster with Champagne Foam, New Zealand Langoustine, and Grilled Mishima Sirloin paired with the finest 44- and 55-year-old vintage wines.

Lest you think you’ll be eating this meal with ordinary silverware, rest assured a pair of diamond encrusted chopsticks engraved with your names awaits both you and your date.

The meal, serenaded by a private band, certainly doesn't end with a whimper. Guess what you get at the end. (No, no that.) Your parting gift is a 2.08-carat Fancy Blue vivid diamond ring, named for actress Jane Seymour. (Similar diamonds have been bought at auction for over a million dollars, so at least you’re getting some return on your investment).

Oh, and you get roses too. Lots of roses, like 10,000 of them.

The entire experience is part of a partnership between Cé La Vie and the Russian Diamond Company World of Diamonds, which explains the parting gift and blinged-out chopsticks, but not much else. A press preview is scheduled for August where the two companies will reveal more information.

Applications to be the two exclusive diners are open now, so don’t forget to submit yours.  Just remember that if you're selected, you’ll need to scrounge up a couple thousand in cash to tip the valet.

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