Uber Driver's Airport Pickup Turns Out to Be Her Own Boyfriend's Side Piece

Uber Driver's Airport Pickup Turns Out to Be Her Own Boyfriend's Side Piece


By Jet Set Staff

Consider this a cautionary tale about cheating in the sharing-economy age: If you're a cheater, you need to be driving your hookups to the airport. No wait. Surely that's not actually the right moral to takeaway here, but it's a good story. So we'll just let a very fired-up Uber driver tell it in her own words. (Warning: strong language.)

Oh, and this explanation should explain a certain detail for the skeptics:

Oh snap, water and the aux cord? It's getting real.

Yeah, you can see where this is going.

And then a sneaking suspicion is on its way to full confirmation.

If you're sensitive to violence, here's where you should stop reading.

And then it's a free for all.

Oh dear. But it seems the other woman, in the passion of the moment, forgot a certain important detail. Wait for it...

And it wasn't just the luggage, but the contents β€” including a very spendy pair of shades. A heated text exchange ensued between the boyfriend and his girlfriend (er, the Uber-driving girlfriend that is) and do you think she was having any of it? She lets Kris Jenner jump in to help explain.

Oh and by the way? If you're looking for a love... or an exciting, take-no-prisoners airport pickup, well...

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