U.K. Police Release Chilling Video About What to Do if Terrorists Attack Your Resort

U.K. Police Release Chilling Video About What to Do if Terrorists Attack Your Resort

"Run, hide, tell."

It's a sign of these modern times: Counter-terror police in the U.K. have released a frightening video about what to do if a terrorist attack happens to your hotel or resort while you are on vacation.

The clip starts with two kids skipping through the lobby of a hotel — and takes a fast turn when a woman, hearing gunshots, yells "leave your bags" as they all run. The skipping child's father carries him as they all flee frantically for safety.

The four-minute video is chilling the whole way through — and not exactly the kind of thing that gets you in the mood for vacation.

The film is meant to give "simple and straightforward advice on what to do if an attack occurs." It advises: If you hear gunshots, think about your safest option, and run. Insist others come with you, but don't let their indecision slow you down; leave them behind if you must.

If you can't run, hide somewhere with a solid physical barrier to protect you from gunfire. The video shows a family locking themselves in their room, barricading the door with a bed, and a receptionist hiding in a closet. The clip advises switching smartphones to silent mode.

The last step of the "run, hide, tell" approach is to call the police once you feel you are safe.

The video shows armed police securing the resort and hunting for the terrorists. At one point, they find the man hiding in the closet and treat him "firmly" as an attacker; the video explains you might be treated this way, so follow all the police instructions and not make any "sudden moves or gestures that could be seen as a threat."

How do you feel about this video: useful and important, or unnecessary fearmongering?

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