Meet Unleashed’s Pet of the Week: Tyson!

Meet Unleashed’s Pet of the Week: Tyson!

The pit bull who loves to pose.

By Kristyn Pomranz

We know it’s impolite to beg, but we couldn’t help ourselves: After we solicited photos of your pets so we could select one to feature as Unleashed’s Pet of the Week, we got jillions—nay, skillions!—of submissions. The choice was rather difficult, but ultimately, we wound up with this beautiful pit bull, Tyson. We're excited to learn all about this remarkable pooch—and to keep up with him @2cresteds_and_a_pibble.

Alright friends, I'm ready! 💋 #happyvalentinesday #barkbae #showoffyourpits

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Tell us Tyson’s adoption story!

I adopted Tyson from a shelter in August 2014 where he had been surrendered twice before. The shelter doesn't know how he came to them the first time, but the second time he was surrendered because the lady that adopted him claims they didn't allow pit bulls at her apartment so she returned him. At that point, they added a note in his profile that he liked little dogs, which is how I became interested in him because I had two little Chinese cresteds (which he now adores). I wasn't looking to adopt, but when I saw his picture online, I fell in love with him and convinced my husband to let me adopt him. When I met him he seemed very disinterested—but it turns out he had a severe respiratory infection, an eye/ear infection, and a tooth (which I suspect) had been kicked in his mouth because it was half broken/shoved into his gums and nasal cavity. Once I fixed him up, he became the happiest, most loving dog. He truly is a joy.

What is Tyson’s favorite way to be spoiled?

He loves to have his paws massaged and his face kissed. I do it every morning when he wakes up and I also sing to him when I put him to bed.

Does he have any favorite toys or treats?

He loves all treats, he's not picky. He has a subscription to BarkBox and loves all the stuff that comes every month.

Does Tyson have any impressive skills or tricks?

Tyson is a pro at modeling, He will wear anything I put on him and do it with a smile. All I have to do is say, "Let's take a picture!" and point at where I want him to go, and he will pose. He also gives kisses on command.

Does Tyson have any pet siblings?

Punky is his 11-year-old Chinese crested sister and Nacho is his 10-year-old Chinese crested brother. They get along really well. They both roll into little balls and sleep on his belly.

Any funny anecdotes about Tyson that you’d like to share?

Tyson is very well behaved so I never think to put things away when he's home alone. But one day I went shopping and when I came back he had eaten an entire loaf of Wonder bread. He wouldn't make eye contact with me for the rest of the night. I found it so hilarious, I took the Wonder bread bag and made him a hat out of it. He also occasionally humps his dog friends so we send them apology cards (see below).

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