Valentine's Day: Women Actually Hate It, Would Rather Watch TV

Valentine's Day: Women Actually Hate It, Would Rather Watch TV

Forget the restaurant reservations, she doesn't care. 

By Marianne Garvey

Take your Valentine’s Day and, well, shove it. Jewelers and restaurants can promote Feb. 14 all they want, but many women who are in a relationship really couldn’t care less about the “holiday.”

While it’s supposed to be a day celebrating love and romance, a new survey from epi24 reveals that 41 percent of women in a relationship not only ignore the day, they dread it.

More fun facts about the day filled with hearts and (hopefully not hastily written) cards.

Do you have Netflix? Good, because 34 percent of the women surveyed would rather watch TV than have sex. TV is really, really good.

If you do get lucky, 43 percent of women do not want to try anything new or daring on V-Day, while 35 percent will have sex in order to get a good cuddle afterwards.

As for gifts, 40 percent say don’t even try serenading them, and 21 percent say please do not spread rose petals around the room, thanks.

Overall, women say they want communication more than anything on the special day, with 72 percent saying being open and honest with each other was even more important than having fun together, so save your money. Cancel the restaurant reservation and order a pizza.

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