All We Want for Christmas ... Is a Shirt with Giggy's Face on It

All We Want for Christmas ... Is a Shirt with Giggy's Face on It

Plus, 100% of the proceeds go to charity — perfect for #givingtuesday!

By Morgan Ashley Parker

Ahem, it's time for the Giggy National Fan Club meeting to come to order and, for our first topic up: T-SHIRTS ARE NOW AVAILABLE FEATURING HIS CUTE FACE!

That's right, now you can get a shirt with this handsome devil dressed as that other handsome devil that shows up late next month — Santa. We can only hope that (Giggy dressed as) Santa will give us a visit, too.

Through a limited-edition collaboration with Represent, the new online store offers his cute furry mug (Giggy, not Santa) on tees, hoodies, sweatshirts and more — we're not-so-secretly hoping for a doggie t-shirt to come out soon. (Hint hint.)

Plus, today is also #givingtuesday and 100% of all profits for this campaign will go to Vanderpump Dogs, Lisa Vanderpump's rescue organization, "working on both a domestic and international front to help create a better world for dogs globally."

That's a win-win if we've ever seen one.

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