This Pepperoni Pizza Is Served in a Box Made Out of Pepperoni Pizza

This Pepperoni Pizza Is Served in a Box Made Out of Pepperoni Pizza

One Brooklyn pizzeria has a wacky new idea for wowing guests, and saving the environment.

By Tamara Palmer

Just when you thought pizza-related inventions couldn't get more outrageous (we're looking at you, Burgerizza), Vinnie's Pizzeria in Brooklyn has introduced the Pizza Box Pizza, a pepperoni pizza packed inside a box made of, yes, pepperoni pizza. The edible pizza box is lined with sauce, cheese and pepperoni, while the sides and top are made with plain crust. And if that sounds way over-the-top indulgent, consider this: Eliminating the cardboard box means helping save the environment. So you can dive in guilt-free (sort of).

Vinnie's, you might recall, is also home of the very meta pizza topped with pizza slices, and its owner Sean Berthiaume explained to WPIX that the pizza-in-an-edible-box idea came to him out of boredom one slow morning. Priced at $40, the Pizza Box Pizza costs about the same as two pies—but you're basically getting two pizza dinners in one. And did we mention there's zero waste?

With any luck, Berthiaume's creative brainstorm just might kick off an entire movement. 

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