Vladimir Putin Got a Puppy for His Birthday

Vladimir Putin Got a Puppy for His Birthday

And yes, Putin loves puppies.

By Brienne Walsh

Vladimir Putin is many things. The President of Russia. A former KGB official. A practitioner of the art of Judo. And also, a lover of puppies.

Putin allegedly loves dogs so much that in order to gain his favor, world leaders give him puppies as gifts during meetings.

Such was the case in Sochi on Wednesday, when the current President of Turkmenistan, Gurbanguly Berdymukhammedov (don’t ask us to say it, and we won’t ask you either), presented Putin with a puppy named Verny as a belated 65th birthday present. Verny is an alabai, a very ancient Central Asian breed that looks like a cross between a Mastiff and a St. Bernard. Putin responded by kissing the puppy for the cameras.

Awww. Seriously, it was sweet. Do we like Putin, or not? We know he does some shady stuff, but he loves puppies. AGH!!!

Verny will join Putin’s beloved kennel of dogs at the Kremlin. It includes Yume, an Akita gifted to Putin by the Japanese government as an official thank you for Russia’s help after the 2011 earthquake and tsunami, and Buffy, a Karakachan gifted by Bulgaria’s government after the country signed a natural gas accord with Russia in 2010. Putin’s most famous dog, a black Labrador named Koni, passed away in 2014. (Koni's best known for once scaring  German Chancellor Angela Merkel, who was bit by a dog as a child, at an official meeting.)

Verny, we’re sure, will be happy in her new home — and who knows, maybe she’ll even pose with her daddy the next time he does a shirtless photo shoot

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