Want a Better Sex Life? Hire a Sex Coach!

Want a Better Sex Life? Hire a Sex Coach!

Sometimes you gotta call in the big guns. 

If you need to perfect your tennis swing or learn a new dance step, you seek a professional. But when your sex life needs a tune up, who you gonna call?

How about Eric Amaranth? This boyishly handsome sex coach has been helping clients get friskier for nearly 20 years, apprenticing under sex pioneer Betty Dodson before branching out on his own in 2009.

“I love when I see clients set free of fear and confusion,” Eric says. “They literally start the coaching as one kind of person and turn into a sex rock star version of themselves.”

PS: How would you describe your position (no pun intended!)

EA: "My sex coaching is best at two things: unlocking new sexual pleasure abilities my clients didn't know they had, or creating sex abilities they've always wanted. This is done by showing them skill sets for physical and mental stimulation of the body or mind that optimize pleasure and orgasms, while simultaneously customizing it all to their unique sexual pleasure-based neurology."

PS: Do you work with singles as well as couples?

EA: "Absolutely. You don't have to be part of a couple to be ready for getting stronger in sex. Single women, straight or lesbian, are often interested in the same two categories: better sex skills to impress their partners and how to have first time or new kinds of orgasms. At the advanced level it’s combining those skill sets to create even more intense pleasures and climaxes. Of course, I help all of my clients eliminate any sex-negative mind clutter and bad urban legends they may have accumulated."

PS: You offer two types of coaching, "talk" and "guided" sessions. Elaborate.

EA: "Talk session is the most common way my clients work with me. Either via Skype or in-person, I open up a topic or the client selects what to cover, and then I show and tell them how to do it while everyone remains clothed. That can include sex skills we're covering with the aid of toys, hands, etc. Clients can repeat the skill so that I can confirm what they're doing is correct and make corrections. Guided sessions follow the same format except the clients are participating in some form of sexual activity, and I coach simultaneously in the same way. Guided is there for people who are ready for giving and receiving feedback in real time."

PS: How do you help clients feel less awkward in a Guided Session?

EA: "I do what my mentor taught me to do. As much or as little clothing can be worn as they want. Clients can also be under a sheet too if they like. The environment is under their control as much as possible. Intercourse is not always what we work on. There are many forms of sex. They get calm and understand the process once skill sets start working. Men often get more excited sooner because they see the big fireworks and are instantly down with it. Women are too because she got to feel those fireworks."

PS: Why is this work so satisfying?

"It’s the transformations in my clients. More than one has told me that looking back at their former selves is like they woke from a long dream. I also love when they figure out new paths to pleasure. Lastly, I love it when my info can save a relationship from crumbling, or make it so the next one will be much more successful."

PS: What’s one piece of advice for women looking to better their sex lives?

"Unlock your female body's full pleasure potential. Most women, historically and even today, go to their graves never knowing and feeling what their bodies are truly capable of. If you want more sex drive, be sexual equals with men and have sexual pleasure be an even bigger payoff for you than for the guys! Do the practical thing and go get the real sex skills you need to feel all these incredible things that definitely, I am told, make life as a woman worth living."

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