Want A Relationship? You Have To Prep Your Mind For Months, Says One Expert

Want A Relationship? You Have To Prep Your Mind For Months, Says One Expert

It's like getting bikini ready, but for your brain.

By Marianne Garvey

You know how (some people) get bikini ready months before beach season? Instead of panicking when the sun finally comes out, you’ve cut the carbs, limited alcohol, and hit the gym for months with the discipline of a supermodel. You're ready.

Well, one expert has a theory that you can prep yourself in a similar fashion in order to enter a relationship from a healthy place.

Rori Sassoon, founder of dating service Platinum Poire, says the following will help you when you’re ready for something serious. "It's prepping yourself to get the right person," she says.

1. Your ex is out of the picture

"Your ex is no longer a factor. If he’s still involved in the picture, you won't be able to move forward. He has to be in the ex files where he belongs," Rori says.

2. Acceptance, even with flaws

"You are ready to accept someone for who they are and who they are not. You can't play Miss Fix-It. You need a safe space and don’t want to feel judged."

3. Work on your communication skills

"The backbone of any relationship is keeping both partners heard and understood."

4. You have to have a plan

"It’s difficult to plan a future with someone who has no plans for themselves."

5. Find your happiness

"You need to be happy with yourself first. Whatever baggage you have emotionally you need to check that at the door. Take time to heal and mourn past bad relationships. You want a partner to add value and complement your life."

Rori gave a group of women advice at a cocktail party at Intermix in New York, where also she explained the importance of how fashion comes into play on a first date.

"You want to portray yourself as classy, sexy, so that no matter what happens on the date you’re feeling amazing about yourself," she says. "You now have the inside and the outside covered."

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