Want Them To Fall In Love With You? Fall Down, Get Food Stuck In Your Teeth, Etc.

Want Them To Fall In Love With You? Fall Down, Get Food Stuck In Your Teeth, Etc.

No need to be perfect, science says, 

By Marianne Garvey
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Go ahead fall down the stairs.

Kidding, but really get some spinach stuck in your teeth or something. Science says that embarrassing yourself in front of a potential love will make them fall for you above all other tricks. We're not sure it works for Gisele, we're talking normal humans here. But, along with saying “thank you” and touching your potential mate, they all work, says science. Just don’t get yourself arrested or in a full body cast. Unless, you know, you're really committed - or doing some sort of performance art.

According to Business Insider, winning someone's affections is much easier than the crazy effort you may have been putting in by texting or stalking them. Plotting and scheming to get them to notice you may be useless when it comes to love.

According to scientists, there are basic ways to win someone’s affection long-term.

Here are three:

1. Embarrass yourself

You don’t have to pull stunts or be as talented as Melissa McCarthy, All They’re saying is to make fun of yourself, be human. Reveal things about yourself that make you seem down-to-earth. A person willing to tell their secrets is found to be more endearing than someone who is hiding all the bad parts. Also, be vulnerable. If you get food in your teeth, or fall, own it. Just laugh. It's endearing.

2. Say thank you

Don’t thank the person for going out with you for God’s sake, just be appreciative when the person does something nice for you—and acknowledge it. A "thank you" shows you are grateful and thoughtful and made the recipient feel warm.

3. Touch them, but let's not get the cops involved

But not inappropriately, thank you. Brief touches, say, on an arm or a hand heightens attraction between couples. Unwanted touches are exactly that, unwanted, so tred lightly in this area.

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