Want to Dress Your Dog as a Real Housewife This Halloween? Of Course You Do.

Want to Dress Your Dog as a Real Housewife This Halloween? Of Course You Do.

And these items are all you need!

By Kristyn Pomranz

Once again, it’s Halloween season, which means everyone is going above and beyond to outdo each others’ costumes. People are buying expensive faux-furs to evoke Lannisters. Moms are fashioning felt scraps into individual owl feathers. And pet parents are … well, they’re buying prefab costumes from PetSmart.

HOLD UP. Why do dogs and cats get the short end of the costume stick? Why, every year, are they the familiar Yodas and hot dogs and superheroes and dinosaurs? Don’t our four-legged friends deserve the same kind of thoughtful costuming that the rest of the family receives? Of course they do!

This year, we challenge you — our faithful Bravo viewers — to dress up your dog as your very favorite Real Housewife. If the idea sounds overwhelming, fret not — you don’t need a tiny elaborate formal gown and teardrop Harry Winstons. In fact, all you need is one simple dog accessory per ‘Wife and you’ll be good to go. We've done the hard work and given you some costume inspiration but you'll have to use your imagination to picture how this will look on your furry friend ... instead of a person.

Kyle Richards / Child’s kaftan

Shockingly, no one seems to make kaftans for dogs (ding ding ding—free business idea!), but a child’s kaftan should do the trick. Slip the flowy frock on your pup and voila! Instant Kyle Richards costume.

Lisa Vanderpump / Pink fascinator

Technically any accessory in “Vanderpump Pink” would do the trick, but we feel like a magenta fascinator would really do the trick. Classy, British, and perfectly ‘Pump-y.

Erika Girardi / Catsuit

Last year, when we told you about the Shed Defender—a unitard for dogs—we couldn’t picture actually buying one. But suddenly, it seems like the perfect solution for an Erika Girardi dog costume. Add a gold C-word necklace if you dare.

Bethenny Frankel / Get Off My Jock tank

This one is almost too easy: Snag one of Bethenny’s iconic t-shirts and pull it on over your dog. For extra credit, tie an empty, lightweight Skinnygirl product to your pup’s collar.

LuAnn de Lesseps / Statement necklace

Sure, nametags are great for normal dogs, but what about a Countess canine? She, of course, wears a statement necklace in lieu of a collar. Just teach her how to bark “It’s not about Tom!”

Charisse Jackson Jordan / Hoverboards

Okay, a Charisse Jackson Jordon costume for your doggo is a little bit tricky. First, you have to train him how to ride on two hoverboards. Then you have to train him how to rap. Once he can do both simultaneously, you’re all set.

Tamra Judge / Cut Fitness tee

Here’s another dog costume that doubles as a free endorsement for a Housewife’s business: Dress your doggo in a Cut Fitness t-shirt, and encourage him to carry an inflatable dumbbell in his mouth for extra Tamra effect!

Teresa Giudice / Leopard print prisoner

Start with a dog costume of an orange prison jumpsuit. Next, layer on a dog leopard-print vest. Then, play fetch in your living room so he starts knocking over tables left and right!

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