These Watches Are Made from Your Dog or Cat’s Fur Because FASHION

These Watches Are Made from Your Dog or Cat’s Fur Because FASHION

“A watch you’ll love…because it’s made from the fur of the animal that loves you.”

By Kristyn Pomranz

A little while back, it became increasingly popular to commemorate a departed pet by having its ashes pressed into a diamond so you could wear the deceased close to your heart. While it may seem a little extreme to some, we’d argue that the gemstones actually do a fantastic job of honoring a dead pet while concealing the creepiness factor…some might say too good a job.

Among those who want to bring the perturbing back to pet wearables? The Analog Watch Company. With their truly unsettling Companion Collection, you can have your pet’s fur felted and transformed into a watch band and bezel, so you can be reminded of your four-legged friend every time you’re waiting for a meeting to end.

While it’s a little unclear why anyone would want this (Fashion? Faithfulness? A subtle nod to your secret life as a furry?), there is one major pro: Your pet can still be alive to get it.

Please enjoy the promotional video below:

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