Wedding Planners Share the Biggest Lies When It Comes to Your Big Day

Wedding Planners Share the Biggest Lies When It Comes to Your Big Day

We asked four wedding planners ... and they answered.

By Jen Glantz

Planning your wedding doesn’t have to be the detail oriented headache past brides have told you it will be, especially if you know the truth about how what you really need to have for your big day and what you skip to save money and big moments of stress.

But in order to know that, it’s important to first dive into some of the biggest lies around your wedding day, so that no vendor, friend, or even internet rumor can interfere with the plans you make.
Check out what these four wedding planners say are the biggest misconceptions that you’ll hear while planning your wedding day.

1. I’ll Be There On Your Wedding Day

Chances are that not only did you pick your wedding venue because you fell in love with the ambiance of space but because you also got along with the staff members there, who sold you on picking their venue for your wedding.

But Karen Emery, a wedding planner at A Wedding For You, says that one of the biggest lies she’s heard, over the past 30 years of coordinating weddings, comes straight from the sales and catering manager at the hotel or wedding venue.

“They have said that they are going to be there for the wedding when in fact, they might be there to over see the wedding set up and to make sure that the bride gets down the aisle but after that, the wedding gets passed to the banquet manager and they really have no one looking out for them,” says Emery. “It is for this reason that the wedding day coordinator is so important.”

2. Destination Weddings are Cheaper

Think you can cut costs, your guest list, and a whole lot of headaches by getting married somewhere far, far away? That might not always be the case.

“Destination weddings cost just as much as any wedding,” said  Owner & Creative Director of Jubilee Events ( “You save money by inviting less people, but you often spend money on areas you wouldn't: like travel, duties, and extra taxes.”

3. Having a Buffet is Cheaper

If you’re having a large wedding, you might wonder how to cut costs when it comes to feeding all the guests you’ve invited. The thought of doing buffet over a sit-down dinner may be a solution you think will save you thousands, but it may cost you more.

“One of the biggest menu misnomers is that the buffet is inevitably going to be cheaper than a seated dinner and that’s just not the case,” said Emily Sullivan, the owner of Emily Sullivan Events. “Buffets just means more options for your guests, and in New Orleans especially, more chances to try local food. With that being said, price and quality won’t necessarily decreases a result.”

4. Everyone is SO Happy for You

While your upcoming wedding might be the most exciting thing happening to you right now, you may wonder why everyone around you isn’t so eager to share that joy and happiness.

“People get weird (and selfish) when it comes to weddings,” said Leah Weinberg, the Owner & Lead Planner of Color Pop Events. “You'll be shocked at what innocuous things your parents now suddenly care about or by the friend you were once so close with who now starts pulling away. Weddings can bring out a special something in people, so I tell my couples to be prepared for some interesting behavior and to not take it personally.”

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