Could Weddings Be The Worst Place To Meet Someone If You’re Single? A Theory

Could Weddings Be The Worst Place To Meet Someone If You’re Single? A Theory

A professional bridesmaid has seen it all.

By Jen Glantz

Anyone who is single and making an appearance at wedding after wedding during the “season” has heard people predict, “Oh, you will totally meet someone at one of these weddings.” While it seems like a fairytale meet-cute to find the love of your life at someone else’s nuptials, it’s not going to happen.

Well, it might happen, but it's unlikely.

Here are four reasons why weddings can be the absolute worst place to meet someone if you are single.

1. Plus one

If you’re known for flying solo to weddings, your friends may start letting you bring a plus one. If that’s the case you’ll find someone to be your arm candy for the night, whether it’s a friend, Tinder date, or someone you’re sort of dating. Because you’ll be preoccupied with them, you won’t find yourself making eyes with any of the other singles at the wedding.

2. Extra drunk

It may be safe to say that people at weddings are drunker than people on a typical night out at the bar. That’s because the drinks are (hopefully) free and flowing. Since everyone is extra drunk, you may have some fun run-ins and quick dances with an eligible bachelor, but the chances of anything “serious” happening with them, like a phone number exchange, may be too foggy of a decision to make on the spot.

3. Awkward convo

Weddings are awkward. It’s a party for people who don’t all know each other. Because of that, meeting new people may feel extra awkward and conversations may be limited to, “How do you know the bride? Oh, great. Nice to meet you!” Unless you make it a goal of being extra friendly and striking up conversation with everyone at the party, you may not meet anyone worthy of a date.

4. Stick with a crew

If you’re heading to a wedding where you know a handful of people, that’ll be the group you stick with for the night, even if they all have significant others and you don’t. When you already know a group of people at a wedding, you are less likely and less eager to meet anybody knew and instead, party the night away with your squad.

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