6 Strange Easter Candies to Make Your Basket the Coolest on the Block

6 Strange Easter Candies to Make Your Basket the Coolest on the Block

Jellybeans and marshmallow chicks are so predictable. 

By Aly Walansky

While there's a lot more to Easter than the candy inside our baskets, the sweet treats are a pretty major element of the holiday for many of us. Traditional chocolate eggs and marshmallow bunnies are all well and good, but if you want to take things up a notch, fill your basket with some of these bizarre Easter-themed treats.

1. Cotton Tails Cotton Candy

Hmm...there's some clever branding going on here. Aren't these just small puffs of cotton candy? In any case, Cotton Tails will add some colorful fluff to your Easter basket. Just try not to think about bunny butts while you're eating them.

2. Peeps Strawberry Confetti Easter Egg

This confetti Easter egg is pretty cute, though we're not really sure anyone can consume an entire giant egg of strawberry marshmallow Peeps. Sharing might be necessary.

3. Gummy Bunny

Gummy snacks are usually bite-sized and therefore adorable, but this ginormous cherry bunny from Maud Borup weighs one pound — offering a lot of sweet (and somewhat frightening) chewing.

4. Where Chocolate Eggs Really Come From

Sure, this candy from It's Sugar is meant to make us think of bunny poop. But it’s really chocolate covered balls of cookie dough, which is undoubtedly delicious, even if mentally disturbing.

5. Edible Easter Grass

We're used to decorative green plastic grass at the bottom of our Easter baskets, but this grass is edible, made out of strings of wafer paper candy. We guess it's better than tossing out all that plastic? No word yet on how it tastes.

6. Zombie Bunny Lollipops

For those who like to get a little dark over the holidays, this set of gory zombie bunnies from Think Geek is for you. They're cotton candy flavored, which makes them totally appropriate for Easter, right? But expect to get a lot of stares if you throw these in that family-friendly Easter basket.

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