We Bet These Award-Winning Pooches Eat Better Than You Do

We Bet These Award-Winning Pooches Eat Better Than You Do

Steak and roast chicken are both on the menu.

By Maggie Shi

New York strip steak. Mashed sweet potatoes. Roast chicken. These were all on the menu at the 141st Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show, which just wrapped up with Rumor the German Shepherd winning the coveted title of Best in Show. But it wasn't the human attendees who were noshing on these epicurean delights—it was the dogs.

USA Today reports that handlers at the show estimate that food can cost "upwards of tens of thousands of dollars each year” for their pampered pooches. It's no surprise—after all, these crème-de-la-crème canines are expected to look and perform at peak condition, and they're treated like the doggie divas they are.

Chuckie, a Pekingese who won the toy group, chows down on grain-free doggie food mixed with roasted chicken (paleo alert!). As a treat, he'll snack on boiled liver or Gerber chicken sticks intended for babies.

Bikfic, a Pumi, gets raw beef chunks mixed with ground chicken liver, gizzards, and heart, plus mashed sweet potatoes and ground-up vegetables and fruit. (See, eating your veggies is good for everyone!)

And top dog Rumor snacks on pieces of New York strip steak, which her handler sometimes orders from restaurants. (Just like us: They do take-out, too.)

What's next for these posh pooches—$600 sushi?

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