Three New Breeds, Plus Some Cats: The Westminster Dog Show's Major Changes

Three New Breeds, Plus Some Cats: The Westminster Dog Show's Major Changes

What world are we living in?!

By Kristyn Pomranz

What’s up, puppy people?! It’s officially February, which means we are on the verge of The 141st Annual Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show, everyone’s favorite celebration of dogs.

Or IS IT? This year, The American Kennel Club has made the highly controversial decision to bring in cats. Usually confined to their own separate event, 2017 marks the first time that dogs and cats have had to live alongside one another in harmony, probably since the 1996 film The Truth About Cats & Dogs.

Before all you “dogs only” types spiral into a complete panic, rest assured that the 40 cat breeds will not be competing against the dogs (no feline Best in Show winners here), but rather they will participate in Meet the Breeds, an educational event that teaches responsible pet ownership. The Westminster Kennel Club director of communications Gail Miller Bisher told All Things Considered, “It’s about learning about dogs and cats before bringing them into your home.”

The cats will also have their own agility competition, just in case you want to watch a Bengal cat named Jungletrax Abiding Ovation do some flips or something.

In addition to cats, Westminster will be welcoming three new breeds: the American Hairless Terrier, the Pumi, and the Sloughi.

American Hairless Terrier



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