What Are The Best Cities for Singles in 2017?

What Are The Best Cities for Singles in 2017?

Did your town make the list? No? You've gotta move. 

By Jen Glantz

If dating app after dating app has seemed to fail you, it might be time to quit looking for love online and instead try your luck IRL. But if you are feeling like you've eyeballed all the singles in your city and you're sick of living in your zip code, it might be time to pack up and go elsewhere, where the bars seem fresh and the people seem greener than the ones in your stale town.

Wondering where to go? Check out these cities, known for their booming population of singles in 2017.


Perhaps Cleveland is known as the place that houses the Rock N’ Roll Hall of Fame, but it’s surprisingly a city that’s calling the name of singles from all around the country in 2017.

This city has a large percentage of singles and singles activities (about 64 percent) organized by dating and relationship coaches on a weekly basis.


Wondering if everything, including romance, is bigger in Texas? You may want to settle down in Austin, if you’re looking not only for love, but some outdoor adventure, and great tax breaks.

“People are flocking to move to towards places that are affordable,” said matchmaker and dating expert, Stef Safran. “There is no personal or corporate income tax. There is a variety of activities to do outdoors such as bike riding, job, kayak or canoeing in more than the 250 parks. Sports are popular and more and more students who go to the University of Texas are staying beyond their college days.”

Los Angeles 

Never considered moving to Hollywood because you didn’t aspire to be on the big screen? Well, it might be a place to flock to if you’re looking for off-screen romance. Los Angeles has the fourth highest percentage of singles of the 51 largest metro cities.   

“Los Angeles, has a large population of singles and nightspots,” said Kemi Sogunle, a certified life and relationship expert and dating coach. “This city also has a lot of dating activities as well as matchmaking services.”


You may not have had Oregon on your list of cities to live in, let alone travel to, but surprisingly, it’s one of the hottest spots for tourists and singles to flock to in 2017.

“If you are looking for a cost effective and liberal place; Portland is becoming a hot place to settle down,” said Safran. “It is very Eco-friendly, has lots of microbreweries and coffeehouses.”


Looking to find a match who has a job? Seattle, which is home to large companies like Amazon and Microsoft, might be the place you consider.  

“The new 'hub' of where the tech people are moving; Seattle offers more single men coming to Seattle to work at places like Amazon, Microsoft,” said Safran. “Bellevue, which is about two hours away, is also a new and popular place for people who are not techies and is very affordable for a young couple to start out.”

Pack your bags!

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