"Thirst Traps" Aren't Only Dangerous to People Looking for Dates

"Thirst Traps" Aren't Only Dangerous to People Looking for Dates

You know those selfie pictures that show a little too much skin?

By Jen Glantz
Jussie Smollett Plays Thirst Trap or Nah?

With the temperatures rising, you might find yourself upping your dating app usage, so that you can try and find someone to join you for drinks and dining alfresco, or prep for summer adventures. Before you do that, make sure you're familiar with the new trend that's sweeping the Internet, thirst trapping. Now found everywhere from online dating apps to Instagram accounts, it's misleading when it comes to falling for — or even following — someone online. 

So what is the trend and have you seen it before? Chances are if you’ve ever spent more than five minutes swiping on an app or scrolling through a feed, you have.

According to Urban Dictionary, a thirst trap is when people actively post provocative images of themselves in order to get tons of responses, and perhaps attention from the right and the wrong people.

You know those selfie pictures that show a little too much skin? Those are thirst traps that are messing with your mind. You might find yourself initially drawn to a person on online dating because you’re attracted to these pictures, only to find out that they are using them as an alias to trick you into thinking that’s what they look like (just like on the show Catfish).

But it’s worth remembering that a thirst trap is something to look out for, especially if someone’s online dating profile only contains images that scream “look at me without too much clothes on” because it could mean they are looking for attention or trying simply just not looking for the kind of relationship that you might be looking for.

If you’re wondering how many proactive selfies are too many to have on your dating profile or Instagram feed, just remember to balance out your pictures so they are well rounded — and to keep in mind that what seems to be private, may not actually be private. The best images on your profile are the ones that allow people to see all the sides of your personality, hobbies and interests. Including too many thirst trap photos might be hurting you instead of attracting you to people who are interested in you for more reasons than just the way you look in provocative photos, or could find a path back to your family or employer as well.

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