Here Are the Surprising Foods These Phenomenal People Eat Daily to Live Past 110

Here Are the Surprising Foods These Phenomenal People Eat Daily to Live Past 110

Hey, we can do that.

By Drew DiSabatino

Elderly people are full of wisdom. They know the secret family cookie recipe. They can give you sage advice on life and love. They know how to hide money under the mattress because they don’t trust banks.

Since they have a very long life and years of experience under their belts—and since we're hoping to reach that same point ourselves—we’re always happy to listen to any and all secrets older generations can pass on for leading a long, happy and healthy life.

So what are those secrets? Because food choices surely play a role in promoting long lifespans, Bon Appétit put together a list of the eating habits of some of the oldest people alive, in order to see what keeps them going. The results were, uh, not quite you’d expect. Basically, the world is just a wild and random place.

Check out a few of our favorites below as well as the full article here.

1. Three raw eggs a day

If you can’t stomach three raw eggs a day (i.e. if you aren’t literally Rocky Balboa), you can cut that down to just two after you pass 100 and/or lose your teeth. That’s what Italian Emma Morano eats every single day, and has since she was just a teenager. Since she's reached the age of 117, and is currently the oldest known person on the planet, we’re inclined to take Morano seriously on this one.

2. Beer, whiskey and chicken

Forget raw eggs: This is how you live. Agnes Fenton made it through 111 years of life while claiming that three Miller High Lifes and a shot of Johnny Walker Blue a day were her secret to good health. What’s probably more impressive is that she reached 111 in spite of those habits (which she gave up last year when her doctor ordered her to stop). Her favorite foods? Sweet potatoes, chicken wings and green beans.

3. Sushi

Japan continually breaks its own record for having more citizens over the age of 100 than any other country on earth, and the nation's cuisine may be why. Among those astonishing 65,000+ centenarians was Misao Okawa, a sushi-lover and oldest living person on earth at 117 until her passing in 2015. Okawa’s preferred roll? Mackerel on vinegar steamed rice.

4. A stack of bacon

For Brooklyn resident Susannah Mushatt Jones, a daily breakfast of eggs, grits and four slices of bacon gave her the energy to get up and take on the world 116 years in a row. But although bacon was her favorite food in life, she credited her longevity to something else: “I surround myself with love and positive energy. That’s the key to long life and happiness.”

We certainly agree with her, but we’ll also keep eating our daily pork-fat ration too.

Just to be sure.

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