What Exactly Makes A Man *Manly* Anyway?

What Exactly Makes A Man *Manly* Anyway?

Yes, it includes bathroom habits. Hear us out. 

By Marianne Garvey

What makes a man manly?

There are so many different types of men, but what is it that gives some of them that extra oomph, that “there’s a man” head turn when you see a handsome guy out in the wild.

One survey asked more than 1,000 European and American men to tell us about their “masculine habits” – and then asked female respondents to weigh in on what they consider sexy.

Most of the men asked saw themselves as “manly” men, while only about 25 percent said they were both manly and metrosexual.

Here’s a fascinating question: “Does sitting down to pee make a man less manly?” asked the survey.

Just over 5 percent of American men said they sometimes sit down to pee, while 67 percent of European men did the same. “In fact,more and more men are choosing to sit rather than stand. Even American sex symbol Ryan Gosling is a sitter,” says the survey.

About 55 percent of European women and 65 percent of American women said they didn’t find it less masculine to pee sitting down.

How many men tell their close male friends they love them, asked the survey.

Around 64 percent of European men and 48 percent of American men said they “never show this level of affection to their male buddies,” says the survey. Eighteen percent of European men and 32 percent of Americans said they do say “I love you,” but “very rarely.”

What about telling family “I love you?”

Over half (56 percent) of European men asked said they never tell male relatives they love them, and 25 percent admitted they only say it on rare occasions. Less than half of American men asked said they never tell their dads, uncles, or brothers “I love you.”

Many of the men said this had to do with cultural taboos rather than not a lack of feeling or even a lack of desire to express the feeling.

What about crying?

When asked how men felt when another man cried in their company, the most common response was “uncomfortable.” For women, both European and American women were very likely (around 52 percent and 55 percent, respectively) to feel “trusted or honored” when a men cried in front of them.

As for hobbies, women said “manly” men turned them on when they baked, danced, and painted.

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